Day Nursery Centre is a registered charity in Canada and can legally offer Charitable donation receipts for donations.  If you want to donate by writing a cheque, send it directly to:


Day Nursery Centre

103 – 222 Furby Street

Winnipeg, MB 

R3C 2A7

Each dollar that is donated assists us in providing a higher quality of care for young children and in reaching out to others.


If you wish to donate by e-transfer or other means, please contact our financial manager at 


You can direct your “United Way” or “All Charities Campaign” contributions to Day Nursery Centre – If you work for a company that has a “United Way” fundraising drive and /or “All Charities Campaign” drive, you can direct your donation to Day Nursery Centre by submitting a request form to your campaign organizer/chairperson at work. This will ensure that your donations are passed on to us. Please invite your family and friends to join you in this.