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since 1909

Welcome to Day Nursery Centre

Day Nursery Centre is a child care facility which emphasizes individual growth for all children by promoting a safe, healthy and caring learning environment through its dedication to the family and the community in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our goals are:

•  to promote each child's self esteem
•  to provide a warm, caring, nurturing, inclusive, anti-biased environment for every child and his/her family
•  to promote the individual development of each child
•  to encourage the socialization of every child
•  to provide developmentally appropriate group experiences in a child-centered environment
•  to enrich and support family life

Day Nursery Centre is a non-profit charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of parent and community representatives.

We are staffed by qualified personnel which includes an Executive Director, Centre Directors, Early Childhood Educators and Administrative staff.

Philosophy of Day Nursery Centre

Day Nursery Centre provides quality care and appropriate experiences in an unbiased environment, so that every child may grow to his/her fullest potential.

Day Nursery Centre recognizes and encourages the development of each child emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. We encourage children to express their own ideas and feelings through the use of self-expressive materials, to develop problem solving and reasoning skills, and to grow toward independence.

Children need warm, understanding Early Childhood Educators who respect and listen to each child as an individual person.

We recognize that each child and his/her family are unique and we respect their diversity. Day Nursery Centre offers assistance in parenting skills to those parents who request it. We also offer support through cooperation with family service agencies.

Vision Statement

Day Nursery Centre strives to be recognized as a leader and advocate in the Early Childhood Care and Education profession by:

1. Integrating the newest research in programming approaches that best suit the development of each child and his/her family.

2. Promoting current Professional Development and the Health, Safety and Wellness practices of its employees.

Inclusion Statement

All children are entitled to full participation and support to meet their individual needs. At Day Nursery Centre, we believe that all children have the right to be valued, accepted and included. We embrace inclusion and celebrate the diversity in our community such as culture, language, religion and socio-economic statue and ability. Being an inclusive centre in which all children and families are welcome offers countless learning opportunities and benefits for everyone.

Facts About Day Nursery Centre

•  Established in 1909
•  Oldest child care centre in Western Canada
•  Qualified Early Childhood Educators
•  Committed to serving the community
•  Member of the Manitoba Child Care Association
•  Member of the Canadian Child Care Federation
•  Member of the Canadian Association for Young Children
•  Licensed by the Province of Manitoba
•  Volunteer Board of Directors
•  Charitable Organization
•  Four conveniently located centres
•  Subsidies available through Manitoba Child Care Program (945-2197) or at

What Makes Us Special?

•  Family support
•  Hot Lunch Program and nutritious snacks
•  Anti-biased programming
•  Emergent Curriculum
•  Inclusion of children with special needs
•  Family Events
•  Monthly newsletters
•  Field trips



Day Nursery Centre
103-222 Furby Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 2A7