Philosophy of Day Nursery Centre

Day Nursery Centre provides quality care and appropriate experiences in unbiased environments, so that every child may grow to their fullest potential.

Day Nursery Centre recognizes and encourages the development of each child emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.  We encourage children to express their own ideas and feelings through the use of self-expressive materials, to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills, and to grow towards independence.

Children need warm, nurturing, understanding Early Childhood Educators who respect and listen to each child as an individual person.  We recognize that each child and their family is unique and we respect their diversity. Day Nursery Centre offers assistance in parenting skills to parents who request it. We encourage parents to think of Day Nursery Centre as a partner in child care, working together to provide the best care possible for their child. We also offer support through cooperation with family service agencies.