Wellness Program

From Idea to Results

In 2002 Day Nursery Centre noticed that we were facing high employee workplace and personal injuries and illnesses, absenteeism, as well as climbing WCB rates. We knew that we were not alone, as the day care field as a whole struggled with a work force shortage and keeping people healthy and at work can be a problem because of the physical and emotional strain that our employees face on a daily basis.

We applied for a grant through the Worker’s Compensation Board Community Initiatives and Research Program for a project which focused on developing a workplace environment aimed at preventing workplace injuries and promoting health practices. The project looked at identifying workplace safety hazards, assisted employees with common health issues associated with working with young children, and assisted employees in their own personal wellness.

This project produced positive results by:

  • Training employees to use proper ergonomic methods to perform their daily work tasks, such as lifting and carrying children.
  • Providing equipment to reduce body strain while working in a child sized environment, such as adult sized chairs that adjust to a child’s low table level.
  • Providing employees with information and support through workshops, newsletters, meetings, discussions and pamphlets about the importance of personal wellness and supporting them with their decisions.
  • Performing Job Hazard Analysis on all aspects of our employees work tasks.


As part of this project DNC produced a 15 minute DVD called “A Guide to Workplace Health, Safety and Wellness”. This video can be used as a tool at orientation for staff, as a provocation for discussion at staff meetings, as well as perhaps a start for child care programs to implement their own Workplace Health, Safety and Wellness program. This project could also help other centres become more aware of their employees’ health, safety and wellness and put policies into place in their own centres to promote a culture of safety.

More information on the MFL Occupational Centre and Day Nursery Centre’s Workplace Health and Safety program can be found at





The Day Nursery Centre Workplace Health, Safety and Wellness commitee has created four task posters that show proper ergonomic techniques to use when working in a child care program. Click below to download printable posters to use in your centre. (PDF format)


Lifting Children

Dressing Children

Clean Up