Core Values

At Day Nursery Centre our core values are the foundation we use to guide our daily interactions and decision-making in order to achieve an optimal environment for all.

Beauty:  We believe that children, families and staff deserve an environment that is beautiful and indicative of the experiences that happen each day.  We create beauty by joyfully engaging the children’s interests, indoors and outdoors, and by providing materials that are authentic and inviting.

Growth & Development:  We support our teams to engage in the journey of lifelong learning.  We believe that we all share a responsibility to nurture the children’s and our own growth by staying on top of current research and trends and using many types of documentation to showcase our processes.

Happiness:  We celebrate the wonder of childhood.  It is important to be thoughtful and intentional in creating moments of joy, excitement and curiosity.  The opportunities provided for staff, children and families are done so with optimism, appreciation and laughter.

Inclusiveness: We appreciate, respect and promote differences with understanding and concern; from cultural background, to ability, to family dynamics, to each person’s individuality.  We continuously seek opportunities to educate and to be educated to actively support inclusiveness.

Relationships:  We know strong, positive relationships are the foundation of quality care.  We see relationships between staff, children and families, as well as with our greater community and with nature, as integral to who we are.  We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful; warm and caring; honest and open, and fair and equitable.

Wellness:  We support the health and wellness of children, families and staff.  We create an environment that provides healthy, safe opportunities to learn and grow and resources to assist in promoting a positive life balance.  We believe that children and staff are capable of making decisions.  We embrace adventurous opportunities that satisfy our natural curiosities.